Professional Networking Planner

  • Sales of major brands of optical network wiring equipment.
  • Sales of network equipment peripheral products.
  • Sales of photoelectric conversion equipment and peripheral consumables.
  • Fiber network construction planning.
  • Fiber optic connection, testing, repair, maintenance.
  • Monitoring system product agent sales.
  • Large outdoor display and exterior wall lighting planning and construction works.
  • The installation of medical equipment is installed.

Taiwan's first brand | major companies designated manufacturers | affordable

Cooperated with Chunghwa Telecom and won the favor of Gion Construction

All the future construction projects of the Gion Construction Team are based on the intelligent modules of the network technology network company.

Company Established

Established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Building plant and capital increase

Issuing stocks
Suzhou Branch was established

Established a plastic optical fiber processing plant
Capital amount up to 42 million
Capital amount up to 58 million

Brand Ambassador

Successful Testimonial

Air Force Base Base

Air Force Base Base

Air Force Songshan Base

The province's Taiwan Railway Administration

Carrefour in the province

The provincial investigation bureau

Provincial Land Bank

Taipei Bank of the Province

The First Bank of the Province

Sunny Bank


China National Petroleum Kaohsiung Refinery General Factory

TSMC (South Branch)

Lianhua Electronics

National University Hospital

New hospital

The province's Formosa Plastics Enterprise

Taiwan fixed network room

FarEasTone server room

Dongsen fixed network room

Hexin Telecom

China Steel

China Steel Aluminum Industry

Yieh United Steel Corp. (YUSCO)

Taichung Laomin General Hospital

Taichung Port Authority


Xinguang Life Insurance

Changchun Petrochemical in the province

Dalian Chemical

Zhongzheng Airport Freight Station

Keelung Port Authority

Southeast Cement

Taipei First University of Science and Technology

Ming Chuan University

Qingyun Institute of Technology

Institute of Technology

Universal Technology College

Nankai Institute of Technology

Longhua Institute of Technology

Hualien Teachers College

Pingdong Institute of Technology

Southeast Institute of Technology

China Haizhu

Shimizu High School

Daren cosmeceutical

Marine Academy

Triple High School

Lanyang Women's Middle School

Dahan Business School

Commodity Bureau Winery (Yellow Yilan Pingtung)

Taiwan and Dachang

Taipower Shenao Thermal Power Plant

Taiwan Concord Power Plant

Taiwan Nuclear Nuclear, Nuclear, and Nuclear Third Plant

Taiwan Sales Office (Xinying Taipei)

Taiwan Wulai Power Plant

Zhonghua Telecom's local offices

Zhonghua Telecom Data Institute

Zhonghua Telecom International Bureau Computer Room

Zhonghua Telecom IDC Room

Naval Headquarters (Taipei, Kaohsiung)

Qingfeng Garden (Linkou, Madou)

Army Center (Linkou, Jiji)

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Naval Official School

Air Force Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics








Taipei 101 Observatory

Grand Hyatt Taipei

Banqiao Fuzhou Social Housing

Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Ministry of Labor

Hsinchu County Government

Taitung County Government

Taipei City Government

Kinmen County Government

Nantou County Government


Kaohsiung City Government




National Taiwan University

National Chengchi University

National Taiwan Normal University

Shih Chien University Taipei Campus

National Sun Yat-sen University

Chinese Culture University

National Taitung University

National Yang-Ming University

Fu Jen Catholic University

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